Where Are the Top 3 Haunted Places in Texas?

Hint: They’re in Fort Worth, Galveston, and San Antonio.

By Lucia Benavides, Alain Stephens, Rhonda FanningOctober 30, 2015 5:07 pm,

‘Tis the season to be scared, and Texas Standard isn’t immune to wanting to get in the mood.

Shelly Tucker, a professional storyteller from Denton, counts down her picks for the top three haunted places in Texas with the Standard:

3. Miss Molly’s Bed & Breakfast, Fort Worth: 

“If you stay there now, the inn keeper keeps an open Bible in every room as protection because she still believes in the ghosts there. Of course, if you tell her you want to see a ghost, she’ll close the Bible, but inside that place they have seen full-body apparitions, they’ve smelled perfume when there is no reason to do so.”

2. Galveston, Texas: 

“The Hotel Galvez is a good place to stay because they have a lovelorn lady who walks the halls…she was waiting on her fiancé who was on a ship voyage and the ship went down in Florida and he wasn’t listed as one of the survivors, so she hung herself in her room and a week later he showed up.”

1. San Antonio, Texas: 

“Not only do you have the Alamo which every native Texan should see…it’s a shrine, and it’s surrounded by three mass graves where the defenders were burned and then buried on the spot — so yes, it is haunted. But you can stay in any number of hotels down by the River Walk and expect to have a ghostly experience, but the scariest place in San Antonio, I am not brave enough to visit.”

Where is the San Antonio haunt Tucker hasn’t visited yet?

Listen to chilling story in the audio player above.