Where Do You Go to Get Your Cattle Ranching Tips?

A new resource has got you covered.

By Alain StephensApril 18, 2016 1:05 pm

Back in the day you could go to the grocery store, or maybe the local home and garden shop, and find find a little Farmer’s Almanac by the cash register. Inside those almanacs, amongst other things, are farming tips, forecasts and the latest and greatest implements to make life easier on the ranch.

You can still find them in some markets, updated for the current year. But these days there’s also something more up with the times: Ranch TV.

When he is not serving as Ranch TV director, Dan Hale is professor of Meat Sciences at Texas A&M University. He and a small team started Ranch TV to expand resources for agricultural producers and ranchers.

“Here is something we feel will help them in their livelihood and help them do a better job in producing cattle from a quality and safety standpoint,” Hale says. “You can go and watch individual videos (that) talk about specific issues within Beef Cattle production. That is one part. We call that our video library.

“The other part is what we call Ranch TVU or University, which is where anybody for free can go and take lessons, or in this case classes, on Beef Cattle Production.”

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