Which of These Headlines Slithers Away From the Truth?

Our weekly installment of Two Texas Truths and a Lie.

By Becky FogelJuly 29, 2016 11:03 am

In Two Texas Truths and a Lie, three stories are given to two contestants to compete to see who can figure out the fake one.

Today we have the producer and one-half of the KUT podcast “Two Guys on Your Head” – Rebecca McInroy and Dr. Art Markman.

Here are this week’s stories:

1. Copperheads don’t often dine alone … and that’s a reason to keep your eyes peeled this summer. Texas Parks and Wildlife says there’s been a surge of these snake sightings in the state. The reason? Copperheads love a good group meal of cicadas who are out and about in the warmer months. A wildlife expert said cicadas are basically fast food for Copperheads – they’re quick and easy to eat.

2. The world’s largest rattlesnake roundup based in Sweetwater, Texas will soon have a new competitor in the state. Montgomery County is home to the lustrous Speckled Kingsnake. A group of herpetologists who are tired of the old rattlers getting all the glory is organizing a festival around the Kingsnake with a rare meat barbecue, bands and snake-themed crafts.

3. A Vernon woman made quick work of not one, but two snakes in her kitchen earlier this week. In the morning she tangled with a rat snake. She grabbed the sucker with her bare hands and, well, put her meat cleaver to use. Later that night, she K.O.’d a bull-snake.

Which one is the lie? Listen in the player above to find out!