Why Some Successful Restaurants Refuse to Franchise

These “hometown holdouts” are content staying rooted in their own communities.

By Rhonda FanningApril 6, 2016 1:28 pm,

What do Franklin Barbecue in Austin and the Texas Pie Company in Kyle have in common? Aside from delicious eats, they’re two examples of businesses that refuse to franchise. But why? What would make a successful, nationally known entrepreneur stay put?

Micheline Maynard, senior editor at Here & Now, wrote “Hometown Holdouts: Business Lessons From Food Stars Loyal To Their Roots.” She says being in control of a business plays an important role.

“When you are in charge, you can make the decisions that you need to make, you can have your brand be the way you want it to be, you can have your food taste the way you want it to taste.”

What you’ll hear in this interview:

– How a sense of community affects the decision not to franchise
– Why brands turn down big bucks to branch out
– Some notable examples of Texas Hometown Holdouts