Why You Should Tip Your Nail Technician Generously

It’s an honest work.

By Joy DiazFebruary 9, 2017 3:16 pm,

Christine Hoang is an attorney by day and a poet and playwright by night. She’s a proud first-generation Vietnamese American.

Hoang is involved in the Asian American Bar Association’s charity event, Attorneys in The Arts. For last year’s show, she wrote a poem called “Do You Do Nails?”

This year, she has used her poem as inspiration and will incorporate it into her original play, “A Girl Named Sue.”

An excerpt from “Do You Do Nails?”:

I look around at the nail techs, they remind me of my aunt
They make my toes look good, in a way that I can’t
They take pride in their work and their handy work I can see
So when they’re done I thank them, and I tip them generously.

Written By Emma Whalen.