With A Good Gimmick And Catchphrase, One Man Made A Name For Himself In The West Texas Boot Game

Pee Wee Dalton’s has been making ads and selling boots for three decades.

By Mitch BordenJuly 31, 2019 10:00 am, ,

From Marfa Public Radio:

If you’re in West Texas and have turned on your TV over the last few decades, you have probably seen this on your screen: Boots flying at a spry middle-aged man, who is catching them, all while telling you the location of Pee Wee Dalton’s Boots, and trying to get you to buy a pair.

These ads, for Pee Wee Dalton’s Boots, are quick. Thirty seconds – practically on the dot. Pee Wee Dalton, the man in the commercial, talks quickly – sometimes in English and other times in Spanish. It’s obvious he’s putting a lot of energy into his sales pitch and that he wants anyone who sees the commercial to stop by.  

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