It’s not over yet.

Despite a long and contentious regular session, Gov. Greg Abbott says lawmakers aren’t quite done in 2017. In a far-reaching decree, the governor called lawmakers back to Austin for a special session starting on July 18.

Abbott’s priority is for the House and Senate to address “sunset” provisions to keep the lights on at certain state agencies, like the Texas Medical Board. Aside from that, the rest of the governor’s special session agenda covers everything from tree removal to texting while driving to bathroom regulation.

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Stuart Seeger, via Houston Public Media

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon/KUT News

Houston Rep. Senfronia Thompson in the Texas House on Jan. 2015.

Why Aren’t State Legislators Paid a Living Wage?

The statutory $600-a-month salary can make it difficult for some lawmakers to stay afloat financially during the legislative session. Others say that the low pay keeps the focus on public service, rather than profit.

Mengwen Cao/KUT

Students and teachers participate in the after- school program at Pecan Springs Elementary in Austin.

The Governor Is Calling For A Raise For Teachers But Who Is Considered A ‘Teacher?’

Librarians and other kinds of educators might qualify for the proposed bump in salary, but the bigger quandary is how to raise the money without increasing property taxes.

Ryan Poppe/Texas Public Radio

Governor Greg Abbott

When The State Regulates Texting-While Driving, What Happens To Local Laws?

Even when leaders of local and state government agree that laws are needed to protect public safety, the conflict comes down to whose laws will take precedence.

Gabriel Cristóver Pérez/KUT

Why Can’t The Texas Legislature Work Faster To Avoid Special Sessions?

Breezing through legislation sounds appealing, but a UT law professor explains how lawmakers are limited by time constraints baked into the Texas Constitution, and why vigorous, and sometimes lengthy, debate is healthy for our democracy.

Photo via Ryan Poppe/Texas Public Radio

How Does A Special Session Work?

Why does the Legislature go into special session, and who gets to choose the topics to be addressed? It’s a subject many citizens know little about, since special sessions, by their nature, don’t happen that often. Our explainer helps clear up several questions about what lawmakers will be up to in Austin.