Like everything else in Texas, the art and culture made here are bigger then life. And because the Lone Star State is so large and diverse, it’s natural that no one way of making art is the Texas way. Texas Standard celebrates the breadth and depth of music, painting, sculpture, literature and so much more.

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Hey! Look! It’s The ArtsCream Truck!

Arnoldo Hurtado is a 29-year-old visual artist who paints surreal landscapes, plant life and animals. He shows his work all around north Texas in a retired postal truck that he calls the ArtsCream Truck.

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Nasher Prize Winner Theaster Gates Causes A Little Ruckus

“What I wanted more than anything was to say, Even when an opportunity like the Nasher Sculpture Prize presents itself, we have the self-permission to be honest humans.”

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New Film Tells The Story Of Oscar Zeta Acosta, Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Dr. Gonzo’

The legendary Chicano activist gets the PBS documentary treatment.

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The Rise Of ‘Sunken Garden,’ The 3D Opera That Crosses Dimensions

The ambitious work will have its U.S. premier in Dallas.

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Verdigris Ensemble Is A Choir With Stars In Its Eyes

Group founder Sam Brukhman says he wants to make choral music more popular by creating programs that resemble performance art.

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Did Jack The Ripper’s Life Of Crime Begin In Austin?

A novelist explores similarities between the famous London killings, and a string of murders in 1880s Austin.

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SXSW Film Is International, But This Year’s Hottest Film Is By A Texan

The hottest ticket this year is the stop-motion film “Isle of Dogs” from Houston-born and Austin-educated director Wes Anderson.

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Leather To Last A Lifetime

Odin Clack got into hand-made, premium leather goods because he’s been restless and creative with his hands since he was a kid in Galveston, drawing and building stuff. Clack has a marketing degree from Texas A&M and has worked as a director of digital global marketing for Texas firms. Five years ago, he visited a Tandy Leather shop on a whim and came out with a starter kit. Now, will Odin Leather Goods – that little leathercrafting business he started in his garage – really take off?

Mark Willenborg

Texas State Honors Legendary Texas Musician

Jerry Jeff Walker wasn’t born in Texas, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to his songs.

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Are Women’s Voices Being Heard In This Year’s Oscar Contending Films?

An Austin firm uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to tell us which Best Picture nominees included the most female representation.

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Dale Watson On Leaving Austin: ‘The City Has Sold Itself’

Honky tonk legend Dale Watson is moving from Austin to Memphis. He says the Tennessee city is a lot like Austin was in the early 80s.


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‘Welcoming’ Abuela Mural Watches Over Texas-Mexico Border

Out of the 50 Mexican consulate locations where the mural could have been painted, Presidio is the smallest and most remote – but it has a particularly collaborative relationship with its neighbor to the south

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At SXSW, ‘An Uncertain Future’ Tells A Story Of Mothers In Immigrant Communities

Chelsea Hernandez and Iliana Sosa’s short documentary looks at the world from the perspectives of two women.

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Metal Sculptures, Dumpsters And Castles: The Capital City Homes That ‘Keep Austin Weird’

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but for this Texas couple it uncovered Austin’s most unique and exquisite homes.

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Lee Ann Womack: ‘A Sad Song Makes Me Happy’

On her new album, “The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone,” the country star pays tribute to the kind of music Nashville used to make, and to her heroes, including George Jones.

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Drawing Inspiration From Turmoil; Sketching A Brighter Future

Arturo Torres is a 27-year-old illustrator from Garland. He’s known for comic book-style portraits of legendary rappers and basketball stars. His work can be seen in the books “Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated” and “The Rap Year Book.”

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Documentary Celebrates The Legacy Of Historically Black Colleges And Universities

“They don’t have to be ‘the black kid’ or they don’t have to be ‘the Latino kid.’ They can just be the student.”

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Ellsworth Kelly’s Final Work Is A Beautiful, Light-Filled Sanctuary Called ‘Austin’

“It’s kind of the culmination of his career. And there is something just beautifully poetic that it has a bit of Texas in it.”

Gelatin silver print, 25.5 x 20.3 cm. Theater Biography Collection, Harry Ransom Center

At Vaudeville Exhibit, See Houdini’s Ball And Chain, Or Do Your Own Song-And-Dance

The Harry Ransom Center’s vaudeville exhibit features more than 200 items.

Why LBJ Called His Own Portrait ‘The Ugliest Thing I Ever Saw’

The artist got only one half-hour sitting with LBJ, and the president slept through most of it.