A Parisian Pit Master Tames the Beast of Texas Barbecue

And he’s not making compromises.

By Casey CheekNovember 3, 2016 11:37 am

French cuisine has long been hailed as the height of fine dining. So when tourists flood into Paris it’s no wonder they seek out the fine French bistros. But many find themselves drawn to a different flavor there – a smoky one familiar to Texans – Texas barbecue.

Thomas Abramowicz is the Parisian pit master of The Beast, a Texas barbecue joint in Paris. “I really wanted to capture the essence of barbecue here in Texas,” Abramowicz says.

Abramowicz says he fell in love with barbecue nine years ago when his Texan roommate brought him to the state for Thanksgiving and took him to several barbecue joints.

Abramowicz traveled all around Texas in a rented car seeking out pit masters to teach him the craft. Then he returned to Paris to open his new restaurant.

“I feel a lot of love,” Abramowicz says, “I call it the ‘Texas hospitality.’ I consider myself part-Texan.”

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– How much Texas factors in the Parisian restaurant
– How a Frenchman started a barbecue joint in Paris
– What connection there is between Texas and French cuisine