As 2018 Ends, Immigration Is Still At The Forefront Of Texas Politics

“The future of the nation is centered, for the first time, on the border.”

By Kristen CabreraDecember 28, 2018 12:42 pm,

Here to help us take one last look at the week in Texas politics before the new year is Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, border security expert and political science professor at George Mason University.

On the deaths of two child migrants:

It’s a very important issue that closes the year. … Some people are very critical about the conditions at the detention centers and they’re blaming the Department of Homeland Security. Secretary [Kirsjen] Nielsen has explained [to] us that the conditions of these two minors were very complex even before they arrived, and she talks about the dangerous journey and the problems that these migrants experience along the migration route.

On the border wall:

What I expect is that [Democrats] are not going to provide any money for the construction of Trump’s wall. But … the future of the nation is centered, for the first time, on the border.

On the release of migrants from detention centers in El Paso:

It’s nothing new. That has been the practice, but the coverage is different because this is now an issue that everybody is ready to look at.

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Written by Caroline Covington.