As Baby Boomers Age, The ‘Me Generation’ Reshapes Senior Living In Houston

To keep up with an aging population, senior assisted living communities are finding they have to view themselves more as providers of hospitality, rather than just health care.

By Allison LeeFebruary 19, 2018 8:58 am, , ,

From Houston Public Media:

The oldest baby boomers are now 72 years old. And just as boomers changed things in decades past, they’re doing it again as they grow old. In Houston, they’re redefining what we used to call “senior living.” And some seniors are already trading in daytime TV and bingo for “chair yoga” classes and iPads.

Marilyn Oliver, 89, took 83 exercise classes last month. She was crowned “Fitness Resident of the Month” at Avanti Senior Living, in Cypress, and she said she often takes several exercise classes… a day.

“What I hate about that exercise, the worst part is, we stand in front of the mirror, and I see all my bags, and I see my thin hair, and I think ‘Oh, gosh,’” Oliver joked. And she shares that sense of humor during the residential happy hour, which is held, every day at 4:00 p.m.

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