Boots Are The Favorite Footwear For Most Texans, Even The Littlest Ones

These cowboys and cowgirls have a serious appreciation for shoes.

By Joy DiazJune 13, 2018 1:30 pm, ,

In Texas, boots are more than just a way to get where you’re going – they’re part of who you are.

Olivia, 8

“[Mom] never said she would buy me boots during my seventh birthday because I knew it was a surprise. When she gave me the last present, I opened it and saw it was a pair of boots. And I was super happy about that,” she says. “I just hugged my mama and told her that I really appreciated the good present she gave me.”

Oscar, 3

He says his boots are not brown – they’re maroon. There’s a difference.

Brock, 5

Brock’s mom Adrienne says, “We have bought the same pair over and over again. After he grows out, we just find it again. The same brand. They’re brown and green. I think he likes them because he wants to look snazzy and he wants to be like his daddy.”

Leiilah, 6

“I’m happy that I can run in them,” she says. “This year I’m going to be in first grade and I’m going to wear my cowgirl boots everywhere.”

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