Brazosport ISD is training its own teachers. The program might become a model for other Texas schools.

The small district’s apprenticeship program lets aspiring teachers earn a bachelor’s degree and teacher certification at no cost. In return, participants must work at the district for at least three years. Observers hope state lawmakers will use the program as a model for legislation.

By Brian Lopez, The Texas TribuneJuly 24, 2023 8:45 am,

From The Texas Tribune:

Texas’ teacher shortage crisis

Scarborough said he would not have become a teacher if it weren’t for the free tuition and support that Brazosport ISD’s program offered.
Briana Vargas for The Texas Tribune

A failed legislative effort

Dreams and second chances

Before becoming a teacher apprentice at Brazosport ISD, Jennifer Martinez had been a teaching assistant at the district for five years.
Briana Vargas for The Texas Tribune

Teacher apprentice Alexis Burse said the program gave her a second chance at becoming a teacher.
Briana Vargas for The Texas Tribune