Can Julián Castro Find A Lane In Crowded Race To Democratic Nomination?

The former San Antonio mayor and secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development is not a household name. But he is working to change that.

By David Martin DaviesApril 11, 2019 3:16 pm, ,

From Texas Public Radio:

President Donald Trump held a campaign event in downtown San Antonio Wednesday. A few hours later, Julián Castro hosted a counter-rally. He shared with the audience what he planned to do once a defeated Trump hands the presidency to him.

“We will be on the White House lawn,” Castro said. “And the helicopter will be right there in the distance. And right before he leaves – right before he walks away to the helicopter – I’m going to tell him, ‘Adios!'”

Castro has to outmaneuver and defeat at least 20 other Democrats to secure the party’s presidential nomination before he can take on the Republican incumbent in a national election.

“We have so many candidates because so many Democrats … have a shot of beating Donald Trump, and no candidate has emerged as entirely obvious,” says E.J. Dionne, a Washington Post syndicated columnist and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

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