Central Texas Hit with Severe Flooding, More Wet Weather in Forecast

It’s not over yet.

By Rhonda FanningMay 25, 2015 1:13 pm,

Severe weather is continuing to wreak havoc across much of the state. Hays County has some of the hardest-hit areas. And despite the resilience of the many who live in areas along the Blanco, at least 12 people are reported missing. Houses have been destroyed, bridges washed away and meteorologists say the worst may not be past.

Jason Runyan, New Braunfels-based senior forecaster with the National Weather Service joined the Texas Standard to give us more.

“There is a large severe weather risk today across much of the state,” Runyan says.

The biggest upcoming weather threats? Runyan says there’s a risk of tornadoes and a risk of severe storms. He says any additional rainfall could contribute to more flash flooding across the state, with the biggest threat in the hill country. Farther up in North Texas. people should watch out for tornadoes and severe storms.

Which Central Texas counties were the hardest hit?

“Hays, especially along the Blanco river,” Runyan says. “We saw a catastrophic flash flood that occurred Sunday morning…cresting at all time highs.”

The main cause of all this wet weather? Runyan says El Niño is to blame.