‘The Best Damn Magazine Writer Who Ever Lived’ Talks About His Memoir

Gary Cartwright, one of the first writers at Texas Monthly, has influenced an entire generation of magazine writing.

By Luke QuintonMay 25, 2015 8:48 am

At Texas Monthly, Gary Cartwright was known as “The Best Damn Magazine Writer Who Ever Lived.”

For many Texans, he’s the master of oddball. He writes whip-smart sentences that make you care about oysters, murders, and sports heroes. Now Cartwright’s written a memoir, and with a typical dash of irony, it’s titled “The Best I Recall.” It turns the lens on his life and work behind the scenes. It’s satisfyingly irreverent, often crude, and usually hilarious.

Gary Cartwright joins the Standard to talk about his memoir, his career, and why all reporters should start on the crime beat. Listen to our talk in the audio player above.

Check out Cartwright’s story “Candy” from Texas Monthly.