Choosing Between Boots And Flip-Flops

Whether it’s summer or winter, Mark Weiler is ready to switch from work boots to flip-flops for a dive into Austin’s Barton Springs pool.

By Joy DiazOctober 31, 2019 4:48 pm, ,

Mark Weiler grew up in Houston, but he spent many summers visiting his grandmother in Austin. Some days she would drop Weiler off at the Barton Springs pool, so he could go for a swim and spend the day out of the house.

“She would take us boys to Barton Springs and kick us out for the day and come back and fetch us later,” Weiler says.

Nowadays, Weiler still goes to Barton Springs al year-round, to plunge into the cool, 70 degree water.

“I enjoy the different seasons,” Weiler says. “From the big crowd in the summer where the line is long at the diving board to the quiet days of winter when there’s just almost nobody else there.”

Weiler spends his days working outside in the Texas heat at his property between Wimberley and Blanco. He usually wears an old pair of work boots that he’s had for a long time, but he always keeps a pair of flip-flops and a swimsuit in his car for the occasional refreshing dive into Barton Springs.

“I keep my swimsuit and a towel in my car at all times,” Weiler says. “If I’m out and about in my boots and I’ve been working hard, I’m coming back to town I go and I refresh myself at Barton Springs.”

Weiler owns a pair of boots he wears to dance halls too. He says there is a pair of boots for all occasions.

“I’ve had all these pairs for many, many years,” Weiler says. “They’re pretty worn out, but they still fit. Just like an old friend, I know that I can count on them. I see no reason to replace them.”


Written by Antonio Cueto.