Do ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Experience Less Crime?

Our weekly check-in with the Texas Truth-O-Meter.

By Alain StephensMay 17, 2017 1:51 pm,

Some Texas sheriffs say FBI crime statistics show that so-called sanctuary cities have less crime of all kinds than other communities do. Is that a fact? Gardner Selby of the Politifact Texas fact-checking team has the answer.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, along with the Democratic sheriffs of Harris, Dallas, Bexar, and El Paso counties penned a commentary in the Austin American-Statesman making the claim that FBI data showed crime was lower in communities with pro-sanctuary policies. They wrote in response to Senate Bill 4. The bill – now signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott – requires local law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration detention orders.

Hear how Hernandez’s claim scored in the player above.