Don’t Say You ‘Hate Math’: Tips For Parents Trying To Teach An Intimidating Subject

A Houston-area mom and educator shares what she’s learned about teaching math during the pandemic.

By Laura RiceApril 3, 2020 11:24 am, ,

Carrie Cutler is a mom of eight kids, six of whom are expected to learn at home while schools are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But Cutler has a leg up on many folks thrust into this situation: she’s a former grade school teacher who now teaches mathematics education at the University of Houston. She recently published a book about teaching math to children: “Math-Positive Mindsets: Growing a Child’s Mind Without Losing Yours

Cutler says “math doesn’t have to come easily to be a worthwhile pursuit.”

Here are a few tips from Cutler for parents tasked with maintaining their child’s education at home:

– How we teach math has changed over the years;  it’s OK to learn while your child learns, too

– Don’t use language that gives your kids permission to dislike math

– Have your kids show you what they learned at school

– Don’t be afraid to lean on online tutorials. Here’s a helpful one from the University of Houston

– Don’t put too much stress on yourself or your kids; take a break if you need one

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Written by Laura Rice.