This El Paso mom found a second chance at a women’s shelter

Gloria Staine has found some peace and stability at a women’s shelter called Villa Maria. But she’s working towards reuniting with her kids and providing them a home that she never had.

By Alyson RodriguezNovember 28, 2023 9:30 am,

From NPR’s Next Generation Radio Project:

Yarn, books and multi-colored beads cover Gloria Staine’s bedside table. From it, she pulls out a beaded bracelet that she started for her youngest daughter. But she isn’t sure how to finish it to make sure it actually fits her. Staine isn’t living with her three children right now — ages 16, 9 and 5  — as she tries to rebuild her life.

“I want to have my family again,” Staine said. “To tuck in my children, make sure that they are healthy, make their meals. I want to be able to take them to school, watch them grow.”

Staine is 37 years old and was born in Los Angeles, California. She currently lives at Villa Maria, a women’s shelter in El Paso, Texas.

“To me, home is somewhere where I can feel I can be myself,” Staine said. “Where I can be alone with my thoughts … Somewhere I feel safe.”

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