Five Weeks After Harvey, A Beaumont Radio Station Works to Get Back On Air

In its 40-year history, 91.3 KVLU had never been off air. Then Harvey hit.

By Laura RiceOctober 13, 2017 3:31 pm,

Jason Miller is the production director at 91.3 KVLU, a non-profit public radio station and NPR affiliate in Beaumont, Texas. The station normally broadcasts across southeast Texas, reaching as far east as Lake Charles in Louisiana and Bolivar Peninsula in the southwest part of Texas. But that all changed on August 30.

“In the early morning hours, our transmitter was flooded,” Miller says. “They assessed that the water was 16 feet deep at that point. It covered the entire transmitter building up several feet onto the big antenna.”

KLVU returned to the airwaves on October 5, operating on a low-power transmitter as they continue working to return to normal operations.

“Five weeks is the longest time,” Miller says. “We work with a lot of other non-profits [who are] reaching out to us to get information out and we can’t get the information out over the air. It’s been quite frustrating.”


Written by Rachel Zein.