House Leaders Shut Down Al Green’s Impeachment Resolution

The Houston Congressman has filed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

By Jill AmentOctober 13, 2017 1:59 pm

After months of demands from many rank-and-file Democrats to impeach the president, formal articles of impeachment have been filed against President Donald J. Trump. The resolution, field by Rep. Al Green (D-Houston), cites four reasons for impeachment, ranging from incitement of bigotry and racism, to falsely accusing opponents of voter fraud.

But Green’s Democratic colleagues on Capitol Hill have not lined up to support his resolution. What happened to the furor of just a few months ago, with people taking to the streets, demanding that elected members of Congress hold the president accountable?

Mike DeBonis, who covers Congress for the Washington Post says Green’s articles of impeachment came very close to getting a House vote, much to the chagrin of fellow Democrats, who don’t want to engage in an impeachment fight right now. DeBonis says that after bringing the resolution to the House floor, Green “disappeared,” and did not put the resolution forward.

“Basically, he wanted more time for his colleagues to digest the allegations that he was making, and read his articles of impeachment,” DeBonis says. “He said he had been led to believe that they would have at least a day or two to do so before a vote would be held.”

But the leadership of the House, both Democratic and Republican, weren’t interested, DeBonis says.

“It was made clear to him that this was going to be dealt with very quickly,” DeBonis says. “What was also clear is that the leaders of his own party did not want him to pursue this.”

Though Democrats may be sympathetic to Green’s views of the president, DeBonis says they have no interest in trying to impeach him, at least not now.

“There are plenty of Democrats who remember what happened in 1998, 1999 with Bill Clinton,” DeBonis says. “They are not eager to embark on an impeachment quest without good reason.”

DeBonis says Democratic leaders are content to allow ongoing investigations of the president and his associates to proceed.

“When and if some real, serious evidence of offenses that truly rise to high crimes and misdemeanors are found,” he says “the effort will be taken seriously.”

Texas Standard reached out to Rep. Green, but we were not able to arrange an interview.


Written by Shelly Brisbin.