His Boots Are Made for Climbing 

Brandon Plutino continues to work during the pandemic. He climbs trees for a tree-trimming company.

By Joy Diaz & Laura RiceApril 9, 2020 1:20 pm, ,

Not everyone gets to wear boots to work. But those who do are likely keeping them stored in the closet more than normal because of stay-at-home orders during the pandemic.

But that’s not the case for Brandon Plutino. He’s a tree climber for a tree-trimming company in Austin, and his job hasn’t stopped because of the coronavirus. His boots protect his ankles from branches and other “unforeseen hazards,” he says. One of those hazards are chainsaws; he has to use them sometimes when he’s trimming branches.

Joy Diaz/Texas Standard

Brandon Plutino, right, wearing his boots, and colleague Juan Francisco Quintanilla.

But his boots aren’t just for safety; they’re also part of his personal style.

“Why else are they important? For looking damn good,” he says.


Written by Samantha Carrizal.