How To Afford Barbecue On Any Budget

Daniel Vaughn advises Texans on how to make the most of their brisket and fixins.

By Casey CheekJune 16, 2020 3:12 pm, ,

With meat prices rising and wallets tightening, will barbecue end up a casualty of these tough financial times? Texas Monthly’s Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn says it doesn’t have to be. He is finding new ways for Texans to “stretch their barbecue.”

On rising meat prices:

These pitmasters, these restaurant owners, they’ve got to reflect the price that they’re paying. I mean, I’m sure we’re all seeing it. You go to the grocery store and you see those price increases. They’re certainly not getting any better deals from their meat suppliers.

The No. 1 way to stretch your barbecue? Put it on a potato:

[Potatoes] are one of those ways that you can take a cheaper ingredient, pair it up with your barbecue and come up with something that’s still really filling. Still gives you that sort of comfort of barbecue but, you know, it doesn’t use just meat in the dish.

What to do with leftover meat trimmings:

Sausage itself is certainly the best way, I think, to use those trimmings, but not everybody has the time, inclination, or maybe even the skill or equipment required to make a great sausage. But you can still grind up those brisket trimmings and make some incredible burgers or make some smoked meatloaf.

Web story by Sarah Gabrielli.

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