One Man’s Dream Of Turning Native Plants Into A Song Of Texas

The sounds of Texas.

By Laura RiceJune 16, 2020 7:03 am,

Nemastylis geminiflora, also known as celestial, prairie celestial or pleat Leaf lily.

“My favorite is the celestial lily that blooms approximately around the beginning of spring. It’s a beautiful light blue to dark-blue lavender, and lasts just for a couple of weeks.”

“I put the lyrics that I made up to ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas,’ which I thought was the state song, but it’s not.”

A rain lily that has turned from white to red.

“I would love it if they would name the ‘Native Plants of Texas’ to the tune of ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ as the Texas native plant song. If we could get a well-known name to do a recording … that would be a dream fulfilled for me.”

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