How Two Billionaire Brothers From Texas Are Buying Up Idaho Timberland

The Wilks brothers, who made their fortune in the fracking industry, have bought up hundreds of thousands of acres of former timberland and restricted the public’s access to hunting, recreation and more.

By Michael MarksOctober 16, 2018 10:37 am,

In Idaho and Montana, there’s growing concern over what a couple of Texans are up to. Over several years, a pair of brothers from Cisco, Texas – two of the richest men in the Lone Star State – have been buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of former timberland. In some cases, it has disrupted the work of truckers, loggers, hunters, snowmobile-trail riders and creating such economic upheaval that residents are demanding answers.

Chadd Cripe, outdoors reporter for the Idaho Statesman, says the Wilks brothers, owners of Wilks Brothers, LLC, have bought land that had been owned by timber companies for decades. The timber companies had made much of that land accessible to the public, but now, the Wilks brothers have put up gates and trenches to keep the public out.

Editor’s note: Texas Standard contacted Wilks Brothers, LLC for comment several times and did not receive a response.

What you’ll hear in this story:

– Who the Wilks brothers are and what their business background is

– What the Wilks brothers intend to do with the Idaho land

– How the Wilks brothers’ have been secretive about their land buying, and why that’s generated so much interest


Written by Caroline Covington.