Legal weed is coming to New Mexico. Here’s what it means for Texas.

Recreational marijuana sales begin April 1 in the Land of Enchantment.

By Alexandra Hart & Shelly BrisbinMarch 31, 2022 8:57 am, , ,

Big news in the back and forth over marijuana this week. A bill to legalize it at the federal level is expected to be put to a House vote on Friday.

Meanwhile, yet another state is set to lift restrictions on marijuana on its own – and it’s one of Texas next-door neighbors. Friday, the legal sale of recreational marijuana begins in New Mexico. It’s the 18th state to legalize marijuana use. The move is sure to open the door for cannabis tourism from Texans traveling across state lines to buy it.

Angela Kocherga, news director at KTEP in El Paso, has been following the story. She told Texas Standard that as of midnight April 1, anyone 21 years or older can purchase up to two ounces of marijuana for recreational use.

“There are licensed retail outlets that will be selling this,” Kocherga said.

Texas law enforcement officials will have a presence at the state line between Texas and New Mexico, but say they won’t stop vehicles unless they suspect the driver is under the influence, Kocherga says. Recreational marijuana remains illegal here.

“Everyone on both side of the state line is saying ‘do not take your marijuana back to Texas,” she said.

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