Texas Standard for March 31, 2022

A federal judge calls for an investigation into possible criminal charges of sex trafficking and pornography at a shelter for teens in Bastrop. Robert Garrett of The Dallas Morning News with more on an explosive hearing in a long running suit against the state’s foster care system. And: New Mexico prepares for marijuana tourists from Texas at that state’s laws on recreation pot change at the stroke of midnight. Angela Kocherga with the view from El Paso. Also: Texas’ role in the personal computer revolution. The unlikely story of the TRS-80, and the man behind it. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

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Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Judge calls for federal investigation into Texas home for trafficked girls 

U.S. District Judge Janis Jack oversees the response into Texas’ beleaguered child protective services system. At a tense hearing Thursday, Judge Jack addressed an investigation into The Refuge, a home for trafficked girls. A staffer was found to trade nude photos of the girls in exchange for drugs, but a Texas Rangers investigation downplayed further wrongdoing at The Refuge. Now, Judge Jack is calling for a federal investigation. The Dallas Morning News’ Bob Garrett has been following the story and joins us with an update.

Legal pot is for sale in New Mexico, starting tomorrow

Friday, the legal sale of recreational cannabis begins in New Mexico, making it the 18th state to legalize marijuana use. And the Land of Enchantment is sure to open the door for cannabis tourism from Texas. Angela Kocherga, news director at KTEP El Paso, is here to talk about it.

A high tech solution to sharing some of the world’s earliest art

Over the course of history, a lot of Indigenous knowledge and culture has been lost, with colonization much to blame. But a group of professors and anthropologists is hoping to preserve and sustain that knowledge through an interactive website focusing on rock art. From Paint Rock Texas, KACU’s Sheridan Wood has more.

Hackers are hijacking police email accounts. Here’s what you should know. 

Criminal hackers have found a way to obtain sensitive data from phone companies, internet service providers and social media platforms. The scam works by compromising email accounts and other online resources belonging to law enforcement and using those credentials to demand customer information. Our tech expert Omar Gallaga shares some tips on how to stay safe.

A remembrance of the Texan who brought computers into the home

At the dawn of the PC age, the Radio Shack TRS-80 helped bring affordable computing into the home. Sold by a Fort Worth-based leather goods company (the Tandy Corporation), the humble TRS-80 helped change the world. John Roach, the man behind the computer, passed away on March 20. James R. “Bob” Haggerty who wrote about John Roach and the TRS-80 for the Wall Street Journal and is here to discuss their impact.

Millions of Texas kids have no mental health resources at school

The number is staggering: 5 million Texas children have lacked appropriate mental health care in schools for almost a decade. That figure is according to a new statewide investigation by the Houston Chronicle. Data journalist Stephanie Lamm and investigative reporter Alex Stuckey join the Standard to discuss what’s at stake.

Inside the turbulence at Austin’s airport 

The scene at Austin Bergstrom International Airport early Monday morning was a traveler’s nightmare. The line to get through security spilled out of the terminal and onto the sidewalk. Rental car drivers abandoned their vehicles before they even reached the parking lot, blocking a lane into the airport’s rental car facility. How did it get this way? KUT Austin transportation reporter Nathan Bernier joins us to talk about ABIA’s growing pains.

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