The Strange Death Penalty Suggestions Texans Sent to the Governor

Blood-letting, a firing squad, or carbon monoxide — which one would you add to the death penalty?

By Rhonda FanningSeptember 7, 2015 8:00 am,

Does bleeding to death sound like a pain-free way to die? What about death by firing squad?

A nationwide shortage of effective and reliable FDA-approved drugs has become a problem for the 31 states that allow for the death penalty.

Some Texans have been coming up with creative ways for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to execute criminals.

In his first year, Governor Greg Abbott has been hearing all kinds of “solutions.”  Thanks to the state’s open records law and The Dallas Morning News’ Brandi Grissom, so can we. Citizens’ suggestions are outlined in Grissom’s article in the publication’s Trail Blazers blog:

“After administering a strong sedative,” he wrote in an email, “just drain blood until they have bled to death.”

Other letter writers suggested carbon monoxide poisoning as a painless approach — and maybe even more humane than lethal injection.

A firing squad could save the state money, wrote one man from a Houston suburb.