Making Magic Happen

Trigg Watson has performed on magicians Penn & Teller’s TV show, ‘Fool Us.’ He’s done his act in front of three thousand magicians in Italy.

By Jerome WeeksApril 3, 2018 9:30 am, , ,

From KERA:

The first thing Trigg Watson does at the start of his show is encourage his audience to drink up – a little more wine always helps a magic act go over. Besides, his show is at the Checkered Past Wine Pub, and it’s good to push the sales. Then Watson asks how many people have seen a magician before, at a kid’s birthday party, on TV. Show of hands, no surprise, most of us have.

“So you clearly already know what to expect,” he says. And the cheesy stadium rock tune, ‘The Final Countdown’ promptly kicks in. Watson starts running through various hokey moves, posing with playing cards and handkerchiefs and then — ding! Yep. He pulls a rabbit from a hat. Obviously, it’s a stuffed toy rabbit, but our expectations have been mockingly met, so the audience cheers and claps.

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