Marfa Martians Prepare To Send Experiment To Space

The team’s project looks at how astronauts can control bacteria in their living quarters.

By Sally BeauvaisJanuary 22, 2019 9:30 am, , ,

From Marfa Public Radio:

A team of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade girls at Marfa Elementary School is gearing up to send a microgravity experiment to outer space.

First, the group won their school-wide competition. Then, in late 2018, their proposal was chosen by scientists in Washington D.C. to be tested aboard the International Space Station, or ISS. It’s 1 of 41 projects from across the U.S. accepted by the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program this school year.

Meet the Marfa Martians: fourth graders Madison Cash, Daniela Fernandez, Colette Fowlkes, and Mabel Melgaard, fifth grader Charlotte Browning, and sixth grader Ashley Marquez.

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