Medicaid Not Directly Linked To Abortions In Texas

Is that a fact? Brandon Mulder of the PolitiFact Texas fact-checking team has the answer.

By Brandon MulderFebruary 17, 2021 11:06 am, ,

Texas has strict abortion regulations, and Gov. Greg Abbott indicated this month that he intends to make them stricter.

In his state of the state speech Feb. 1, Abbott said that in the upcoming legislative session he will encourage laws ensuring “that the life of every child will be spared from the ravages of abortion.”
A bevy of bills have been filed to further restrict abortion in Texas, including one that would ban the practice all together. But Abbott and fellow Republican state leaders have long targeted one of the state’s largest abortion and family planning providers: Planned Parenthood.Last month, after years of litigation, Texas health officials gave Planned Parenthood a 30-day notice before kicking the organization off the state’s Medicaid program. Just before the Feb. 3 deadline, Planned Parenthood sued and a judge blocked state officials from removing Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid health care provider.Abbott posted a tweet Jan. 24 anticipating that Feb. 3 deadline, saying that “innocent lives will be saved” thanks to the state’s actions.

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