Meta’s social media platform outage causes concerns on Super Tuesday

Users of Facebook, Threads and Instagram couldn’t use their accounts for several hours, on a day when many U.S. voters were headed to the polls for primary elections.

By Shelly BrisbinMarch 7, 2024 9:56 am,

Facebook, Instagram and Threads users lost access to their feeds for several hours on Tuesday. Though service resumed later in the day, the fact that the outage happened on Super Tuesday – Election Day in fifteen states – had some observers concerned about the source of the disruption. 

Tech expert Omar Gallaga says the company called the reason for the outage “technical” but has not elaborated. 

Highlights from this segment:

– Users of Meta platforms Facebook, Instagram and Threads, and some WhatsApp users, were either logged out of their accounts during the outage, or unable to reach them.

– A 2021 outage on Meta platforms lasted several hours, and was caused by a configuration error, according the the company.

– Elon Musk mocked the Meta outage, though his X platform has experienced periodic technical hiccups as well.

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