One Year Later: Postcards From The Pandemic

An excerpt from the latest episode of Texas Public Radio’s podcast “Petrie Dish.”

By Bonnie PetrieMarch 18, 2021 7:23 am, , , ,

From Texas Public Radio:

If you’ve followed Petrie Dish on this journey through a harrowing year, you’ve learned from doctors and nurses, scientists, vaccine experts, epidemiologists, advocates and activists — and even the former head of the Centers for Disease Control. All of them have worked tirelessly in their area of expertise to learn about this virus and to weaken its power over us.

But we didn’t necessarily get to meet these professionals as people experiencing the same anguish, confusion and loss that we were.

In this episode of Petrie Dish, we do. Several experts share their private thoughts and their personal pain, as well as their pride in their professional accomplishments and hope for the future.

Each has shared an audio postcard reflecting on this pandemic year.

Listen to the full episode of “Petrie Dish” here.

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