If you plan to play ‘Palworld’ – the game dubbed ‘Pokémon with guns’ – do it now

‘Palworld’ might be too similar to the Nintendo classic.

By Michael Marks & Shelly BrisbinJanuary 25, 2024 3:55 pm,

“Palworld” is a rocket of a video game right now, with gamers purchasing more than 8 million copies in less than six days. And, the whole thing could blow up at any minute.

The game has drawn a lot of attention because of its striking similarities and dark differences to the ultra-successful “Pokémon” franchise. “Palworld” looks like “Pokémon” in some ways, but it’s a more violent game than the ones that feature Pikachu.

Tech expert Omar Gallaga spoke to the Texas Standard about whether “Palworld” could draw a court challenge from Nintendo. 

Highlights from this segment:

– “Palworld” follows the “Pokémon” model of finding, raising and battling monsters – but it’s much darker and has been dubbed “‘Pokémon’ with guns.”

– Despite the similarities, the game is not affiliated with “Pokémon” or Nintendo, and its creator says everything was made legally.

– The game “could be shut down at any moment” if there is a significant legal challenge from Nintendo, Gallaga says – but in the meantime, it’s been getting a lot of players and press.

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