Pasadena Elections Could Predict Shift In Political Representation

Could this be a turning point for the majority Hispanic city?

By Michael MarksMay 2, 2017 8:14 am, ,

The mayoral and city council races in Pasadena this Saturday could have implications beyond the borders of the working-class city east of Houston. Pasadena has a history as a battleground for voting rights after the mayor in 2013 developed redistricting plans that were struck down in federal court earlier this year. The judge determined the plans would weaken minority voting strength in city council districts.

Patrick Svitek, a reporter who wrote about this election for the Texas Tribune, says that this could be a turning point for the majority Hispanic city. Svitek says that many wonder if this city will represent a potential shift in representation in government officials at the local and state level.

“In Pasadena, it’s a much smaller example, but certainly an important example, that you may see that representation catch up to the demographics,” Svitek says.

Svitek says that some are eyeing this election as a possible predictor of how Democratic candidates can capitalize on voters that are both displeased and motivated by President Donald Trump’s first 100 days.

“There’s no doubt that in his first 100 days, he has really energized and galvanized Democrats across the country,” Svitek says. “He’s obviously not going to be on the ballot in Texas but I’m sure that that energy that he has created might be on the ballot in some ways.”

Written by Emma Whalen.