Why Rio Grande Valley Cabbage Farmers Are in Trouble This Year

The Valley’s cabbage crop was so poor, that some farmers aren’t investing the time or money required to remove the plants from the ground.

By Michael MarksMay 2, 2017 2:01 pm,

This year’s cabbage crop in the Rio Grande Valley was so poor that some farmers left their crops in the field, rather than waste time and money digging them up. Dr. Juan Anciso, associate professor, and vegetable specialist at the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, says that cabbage farmers typically invest about $2,000 per acre and face trouble with a poor crop.

“They’re the small business owners that take the risk and realize there’s a mother nature factor and there’s years that you lose and years that you gain but it seems to be getting harder to grow these crops rather than easier,” Anciso says.

What you’ll hear in this segment:

– What environmental factors led to the poor crop

– How farmers in the Valley will be affected by these losses

– How farmers can prepare for these challenges

Written by Emma Whalen.