Quarantine Streams: Alt/Indie, Pop And Rap. These Artists Keep Live Music Happening.

One half of the duo that hosts KUTX’s “The Breaks” shares some live-music streams to catch this coming week.

By Aaron "Fresh" KnightJuly 31, 2020 3:18 pm, , , , ,

Aaron “Fresh” Knight, one half of the duo that hosts KUTX’s “The Breaks,” shares a couple live-music streams to catch this coming week.

When: Wednesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Where: Instagram @mobelywho, and YouTube

Austin alternative, indie rock and pop artist Mobely released his song “Nobody’s Favorite,” and an accompanying music video, in February. The song was reworked by the band Foster The People on July 21.

Knight says Mobley’s a hybrid artist and instrumentalist as well as “a one-man band playing any and every instrument he has set out.”

Black Everything Matters
When: Thursday, Aug. 6, 7 p.m. CST
Where: blackeverythang.com and on Facebook at HeardPresents 
Who: J Soulja, Cha’keeta B, 5D, Clarence James, DJ Kay Cali, Eimaral Sol and Mama Duke.

J Soulja has become a staple in the Austin rap scene, says Knight.

“He got things really going with his Smoke Out shows. He was set to have one at South by [Southwest], that ended up being cancelled, of course, because of COVID,” Knight says. “He really makes his presence felt.”

Knight says Cha’keeta B is another artist to watch out for.

“She’s really a spitfire young lady who can really command the stage and command her own when it comes to rapping with anyone.”

Listen to the audio in the player above to hear these songs:

“Nobody’s Favorite” by Mobley
“Focus” by J Soulja, featuring Cat Carter and Jake Lloyd
“Pull Up” by Cha’keeta B, featuring Kiki Ambrose
“Selfsame” by Mobley

Radio piece and Web story by Kristen Cabrera.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this piece incorrectly categorized Mobley’s music genre as R&B and him as a ‘hybrid artist of rapper, singer and instrumentalist’ when he is not in fact a rapper.

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