Texans At The State Capitol Wear Their Pride On Their Feet

Whether it’s about fashion, comfort or hard work, the most Texan of footwear makes a statement.

By Joy DiazJanuary 17, 2019 9:30 am, ,

When you talk about most states, there’s not really a kind of footwear that comes to mind. Maybe the flip flop in California or Florida, or galoshes in Alaska. But it’s fair to say many Texans have a sort of love affair with their boots.

For the working rancher a good pair of cowboy boots is essential. For many of the rest of us, they’re more of a fashion statement along with a way of expressing a certain western pride.

The Texas Standard has found that a lot of these boots have one thing in common – a story. Interns Molly Smith and Morgan O’Hanlon recorded the boot stories of people they met at the Texas Capitol during this 85th legislative session.

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Leach

When Houstonian Ryan Leach was little, his boots were his “go-to” shoes! He says they are a complicated and fascinating piece of apparel. On the one hand, they are like tools – they help you kick a roach hiding in a corner. On the other hand, they can dress up an outfit. When you are wearing your cowboy boots, you mean business.

They spoke with Rep. Drew Springer; Capitol tour guide Kathy Wells; Capitol staffers Drew Tedford, Dani Licklider and Laura Chandler; writer Ryan Leach; current firefighter Patrick Orlaska and retired firefighters Danny and Blair Currey.

Now, Texas, it’s your turn. Tell us a great story about your boots so we can share boot stories from across the state. You can get in touch by emailing texasstandard@kut.org.

Joy Diaz/Texas Standard

These boots belong to State Senator Konni Burton. She represents Texas’ Senate District 10. Like Burton, many state legislators wear cowgirl and cowboy boots to work. Some of those boots have the official state seal embroidered. They are imposing and unique.