Texas Olympic Medal Winner Has a Passion for Running

He has memories of racing against his grandfather in Mexico.

By Joy Diaz & Leah ScarpelliMay 20, 2016 12:03 pm

Leo Manzano grew up in Marble Falls, Texas where he found his passion of running in middle school. Manzano says some of his first memories as a kid was racing with his grandfather in Mexico.

“One of the things about running is that it’s just very liberating,” Manzano says.

Manzano holds a 2012 Olympic silver medal for the 1500-meter race. He says that one of the best things about medaling at the Olympics was being able to represent both the U.S. and his heritage.

Manzano will be competing in trials this July, where he will have to finish in the top three in order to make it into the Olympics.

“The gold medal would be incredible, but being back on the podium would also be amazing,” Manzano says.