Texas Public Libraries Thrive As They Evolve

Libraries remain relevant in changing times by adapting to the needs of their surrounding communities.

By Allison LeeJune 20, 2018 7:27 am, , ,

From Houston Public Media:

Advancement in technology has significantly changed how some people read (and get) books, ever since the emergence of eBooks, audiobooks, and online shopping. But libraries are still going strong. In fact, Texas libraries reported a 44 percent increase in visits between 1997 and 2016. That’s because your local library may have changed quite a bit from when you were a kid.

Houston Public Library goes high-tech

The Scenic Woods Regional Library in northeast Houston opened its new creative digital space, TECHLink, in May. It has a 3D printer, a fully-equipped recording studio, a video production space (with a teleprompter and green screen), animation software, a laser engraver, an embroidery machine, and a “Tiny Techs” area for kids.

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