Texas Standard for Dec. 28, 2022: What we watched this year

Looking for something to watch as the year winds to a close? Here are some suggestions.

By Texas StandardDecember 28, 2022 9:00 am,

Looking for something to watch as the year winds to a close? Take a look back at these TV & movie interviews for some suggestions:

Richard Linklater’s ‘Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood’ circles the moon and lands in Houston

The filmmaker behind “Slacker” and “Dazed And Confused” has deep ties to Austin – but director Richard Linklater grew up around Houston, and his animated opus “Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood, celebrates Space City. Laura Rice talked to Linklater about his 2022 feature film.

Texas-set sitcom ‘Mo’ wrings laughs from the immigrant experience

The title character from the Netflix series “Mo” is played by Mo Amer, an actor and comedian from Houston by way of Kuwait. Amer spoke with the Texas Standard’s Michael Marks when the series released in August.

‘Sam and Kate’ mines Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek’s real-life families for big screen drama

There are movie stars … and then there are film icons. Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek certainly fit into the latter category. They’re Oscar winners who’ve starred in films that became cultural touchstones: “Carrie,” “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “Tootsie,” “The Graduate.” In a new film that hit theaters last month, they teamed up – but that’s not all. They also shared the screen with their real-life children: Spacek’s daughter and Hoffman’s son. The Texas Standard’s Laura Rice has more.

Cristela Alonzo’s rise to ‘Middle Classy’

Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, comedian Cristela Alonzo has used her experiences to connect with audiences far beyond those South Texas borders. After a break from Hollywood to focus on voting rights and activism, she returned to Netflix in June with her latest stand-up special, “Middle Classy.” She joined us to talk about the evolution of her career over the last few years.

Nature documentary goes ‘Deep in the Heart’ of Texas wildlife

“Deep in the Heart,” a feature film released in June, is considered to be one of the first major wildlife documentaries set – as the title suggests – here in Texas. Writer and director Ben Masters joined us to talk about what sets Texas apart.

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