Texas Standard For May 6, 2021

A bill that would restrict abortions and likely prompt a test of Roe vs. Wade is now headed to the governor’s desk. Andrea Zelinsky of Texas monthly joins us with details of a fetal heartbeat bill’s progress through the Texas Legislature. And: Lauren McGaughy of The Dallas Morning News with more hot water for the state’s attorney general. Also: A drop in people seeking vaccinations in West Texas. What comes next? We’ll explore. Plus: A Central Texas mother and her daughter on their options, should a new bill pass defining gender-affirming treatments as child abuse. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardMay 6, 2021 9:43 am

Here are the stories on Texas Standard for Thursday, May 6, 2021.

‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Bill Momentum

A Republican-led measure barring women from having an abortion as early as six weeks into their pregnancy is poised to become state law. This comes after the Texas House yesterday preliminarily passed a Senate measure that would propose the restrictions, as well as making it easier for lawsuits to be brought against abortion providers. Andrea Zelinski covers the state legislature for Texas Monthly, and joins the Standard today.

Paxton Securities Fraud Dispute

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has found himself in legal hot water … again. The Dallas Morning News reports Paxton is now a part of a new securities fraud dispute. The news comes on top of an investigation by the FBI, and an existing securities fraud indictment that’s dogged him for years. Lauren McGaughy broke this story for The Dallas Morning News. She joins us now.

Academic Dishonesty

When it comes to how college students are attending classes, the pandemic has brought big changes. But have changes like the advent of online learning made it easier for students to cheat? From Houston Public Media, Daisy Espinoza has with some first-hand accounts of cutting-corners – and why students do it.


Discord: it doesn’t just describe today’s political climate. Actually, it’s the name of the latest social platform that has lots of people talking – literally. Discord began as a space where gamers could chat, via text or voice, while playing. It’s grown in popularity to the point that nongamers are spending time on the platform too. Our tech expert Omar Gallaga has been following the growth of Discord.

Odessa Vaccine Demand Drop

Across Texas, health officials are scrambling to get COVID-19 vaccines in arms. The days of long lines at vaccination clinics have slowed as the demand for vaccines Texas drops. In Odessa, it’s no different. A few months ago, one Odessa hospital administered an average of 1,500 to 2,000 vaccines a day. Today, that number is down to a few hundred. Marfa Public Radio’s Mitch Borden reports area health officials are mulling what happens next.

Transgender Bills at the Legislature

Late last month, the Texas Senate passed a bill that defines gender-affirming treatments for transgender kids as child abuse. The bill got its first reading in a Texas House committee this week. Among those watching the progress is a Central Texas family. We invited Miriam and her teenage daughter “D” on the Standard to talk to us about their experiences and their thoughts as lawmakers take steps to effectively ban transition treatments. (Note: We’re extending anonymity due to threats against other Texans that testified against these measures.)

Title 42 Explainer

The Biden administration’s approach to the border and immigration has been heavily criticized. With Trump-era policies still in place, some wonder how those rule continue to affect immigration right now; specifically a provision that goes by the shorthand Title 42. For more, we’re talking with Geoffrey Hoffman, clinical professor and director of the Immigration Clinic at The University of Houston Law Center,

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Social Media Editor Wells Dunbar with the talk of Texas.

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