That Time The Cops Got Called On Texas Standard

Adam Taylor says six police cars, a helicopter and the canine squad were ready to save the day.

By Laura RiceApril 12, 2017 10:44 am,

Houston resident Adam Taylor was checking his Facebook feed when he saw an update from his friend Mike. The post said that Mike’s burglar alarm had gone off and he was headed to his house to meet up with the cops.

Taylor kept his eyes on Mike’s feed as his friend continued to make updates.

“A policeman had gone up to the house and had heard voices inside the house over the alarm, so he backed out and called for backup,” Taylor says. “By the time my friend Mike got to his house, there were three cars there and they were expecting more.”

After a total of six cop cars, a helicopter and a canine squad arrived at the scene the police finally let Mike in to turn off his alarm.

As it turned out, the voices the officer had heard came from the radio – it was the Texas Standard.

“In the end, it ended up being a stand off between the police and the Texas Standard,” Taylor says.
Written by Morgan O’Hanlon.