Timeline For Texas’ Cannabis Oil Law Leads To Medical Refugees

Dozens of Texas families are uprooting their lives to move to states where medical marijuana is legal and available.

By Ryan PoppeAugust 26, 2016 9:30 am, ,

From Texas Public Radio

Former Austin Corrections Officer Glen Mays hopelessly clutches his 5-year-old son as his wife records one of young Orion’s many seizures on her cell phone.

Orion was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after he was born.  He was given prescription medication but they did not control his seizures which rendered him exhausted and unconscious.  It was not uncommon for Orion to have eight seizures in a 24-hour period.

“It’s just in those times you don’t know, you watch him sleep, I’ve stayed awake so many nights watching him sleep,” says father, Glen.

The Mays are among thousands of families who are waiting for the availability of low-THC marijuana oil that’s proven effective in treating seizures.  The Texas legislature approved its use in 2015.  But the implementation of the new law will take two years to complete.

Glen Mays says that has left his family with some difficult choices:  wait and watch his son continue to suffer or leave Texas for a state where the treatment is already available.

“I wanted to try some cannabis oil, I got a hold of some cannabis oil, I tried it on my son, it worked, we almost went 30 days without any seizures,” Mays explains.

Mays says that when his illegal supply ran out, it hit him, he could lose everything as a corrections officer, husband, and dad if he was caught with the drug in Texas.

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