Texas Standard For September 24, 2020

Republicans versus Republican? Some members of the GOP file suit against the governor over early voting in Texas, two-and-a-half weeks from its start. We’ll hear what the lawsuit says about Republicans’ confidence in the Texas general election. Also, do you trust the numbers? Texas teachers concerned about the spread of COVID-19 are crowdsourcing coronavirus information. We’ll hear why. And war of the worlds: Microsoft takes on Texas in a high stakes battle for gaming supremacy. Plus, the Texan biking the 3,000- mile perimeter of the Lone Star State and more today on the Texas Standard:

By Texas StandardSeptember 24, 2020 9:30 am

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GOP Suing Abbott on Voting 

Texas is less than three weeks away from the start of early voting, which begins even earlier than usual, thanks to an executive order by Gov. Greg Abbott. But a group of the governor’s fellow Republicans say that’s not legal, and are asking the Texas Supreme Court to invalidate the governor’s order. Taylor Goldenstein, an Austin-based political reporter for the Houston Chronicle talks to the Standard about the GOP challenge. 

COVID among Students

Since students returned to school this fall, there haven’t been the predicted spikes in COVID-19 that some expected. Zeph Capo is the president of the Texas affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers and the Houston Federation of Teachers talks to the Standard.

Military Veteran Voters

Military veterans have traditionally voted for Republican candidates. Earlier this month, The Atlantic published an article that claimed President Donald Trump referred to people who joined the military as “losers” and “suckers” – something the President denies. Houston Public Media’s Andrew Schneider asked Texas veterans what they’re thinking as the election draws near.

New Game Consoles and Texas Game Studio Deals

A blockbuster deal brings several Texas-based game studios under the Microsoft umbrella. And next month, Sony and Microsoft are each set to release next-generation consoles. Our tech expert Omar Gallaga is here to help us understand what’s going on in the world of console gaming

 Ask A Doctor: Your COVID Questions Answered

Throughout the pandemic the Standard has been taking listener questions about the coronavirus from Dr. Fred Campbell. He’s a doctor of internal medicine and associate professor of medicine at the Long School of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio.

Katie Sauceda Big Tex Boot Designer,

Biking Around Texas

If you were to drive the perimeter of Texas, you would travel 3,046 miles. Aaron Chamberlain, the production director at Texas Monthly decided to try that drive, on a bicycle. Chamberlain talks to the Standard from the road.

Fort Worth Lowest Life Expectancy

Residents living in one part of downtown Fort Worth won’t likely see their 67th birthdays.  Last year, researchers at the University of Texas-Southwestern found that people living in Fort Worth’s 76104 neighborhoods have the lowest life expectancy in the state. Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Nichole Manna, who wrote the story, joins the Standard.

All this and Texas News Roundup, plus Social Media Editor Wells Dunbar with the talk of Texas.

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