You Can Still Drive By To See Big Tex – And His Specially Designed Boots

The sounds of Texas.

By Joy DiazSeptember 24, 2020 2:03 pm, ,

“As soon as I saw the contest, ideas were flowing through my mind. So the first idea that popped in my mind was the Alamo.”


“Each symbol that I drew on the boots, I have some connection to. Yellow rose of Texas because I’m from Texas. Jalapeños because I can’t get enough of them. I was also trying to think, well, if I was a tourist, like what pops into their mind? The Alamo, armadillos, cowboys, the bluebonnets … so I tried to think from that perspective as well.”


“I actually came across the contest last minute. I only had a week to come up with something, design it and submit it. … But I just remember looking over at my baby while he was sleeping and thinking, ‘You know how cool would it be if I actually won this?’ You know, like, I need to finish this for him because he’s going to grow up and say, ‘Wow my mom designed those boots!’ So I submitted my design with, like, a day to spare. So I had to pay extra postage to make sure that they got it on time.”


“Enjoy seeing his boots because they do look really awesome in person.”

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