Texas Standard for Feb. 9, 2023: What Texas House committee assignments say about this session

Despite a chorus from the right calling for Democrats to be barred from committee chairmanships, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan named eight from the opposition party to such positions – though fewer than the last legislative session.

By Texas StandardFebruary 9, 2023 9:26 am,

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What Texas House committee assignments say about this session

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan announced House committee positions on Wednesday, tapping 26 Republican chairs and eight Democratic ones. With more on the implications of the new assignments is Austin American-Statesman state politics reporter Niki Griswold.

Why two freshmen Democrats from Texas are on this GOP committee

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., two Texas progressives were appointed to the Republican-led House Oversight Committee. For Texas Monthly, longtime political reporter Jonathan Tilove spoke to the freshmen reps – Jasmine Crockett and Greg Casar – about their goals.

Is Samsung’s splashy new camera enough to shake up smartphones?

New phones from Samsung and Apple might be bigger and costlier, but is anything new? Samsung hopes to answer that question with its Galaxy S23 Ultra, featuring a 200 megapixel camera. Is that enough to start paying attention again? Our tech expert Omar Gallaga shares a dispatch from the ongoing Apple versus Samsung smartphone wars.

Flowers that never die: why these North Texas collectors love LEGO

When you think of LEGO, you may think of children’s towers and Star Wars sets. But LEGO orchids, floral bouquets, bonsai and other botanical sets are growing in popularity with adults. KERA’s Galilee Abdullah talks to collectors about the appeal of these plastic flowers.

An ancient weapon for hunting mastodon has been identified by a team of Texas A&M researchers

Researchers have identified the oldest weapon made of bone in the Americas: a 13,900-year-old projectile point used for hunting mastodons. Michael Waters, director of the Center for the Study of the First Americans at Texas A&M University, shares the details of their discovery.

Two 81-year-old best friends begin their expedition around the world

Traveling around the world is something many people have on their bucket lists, and for two Texas ladies that dream is coming to life. The 81-year-old friends officially launched their own trip around the world in 80 days. KACU’s Paige Taylor talked with the traveling mates about their adventure.

What does Dairy Queen like about Texas? Pretty much everything.

Few fast-food chains identify with Texas as deeply as Dairy Queen. If you grew up here, you might think DQ got its start here, too. But as Emily McCullar writes for Texas Monthly, Texas outposts of the Minnesota-headquartered chain are purposely infused with the personality of the place they call home. She’ll share more today.

Greg Abbott targets diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring and admissions

Gov. Greg Abbott’s office is warning state agencies and universities that considering things like gender, race and ethnicity in hiring and admissions is against the law. Is that possible? The Texas Tribune’s Kate McGee is here to help make sense of the directive.

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