Typewriter Rodeo: Outdoor Summer Weddings

Each week, the Standard reaches out to Austin’s Typewriter Rodeo for a custom poem on Texas topics.

By Kari Anne HoltSeptember 13, 2019 2:07 pm,

The season between May and October is one of the most popular times for weddings, especially outdoor weddings. But in Texas, that can mean celebrations in 100-degree weather. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

Outdoor Summer Weddings

they’re getting married

these people you love

and you’re ready to celebrate


their future

their wide open hearts

and you must


think of the best gift

the most poignant


piece of your love

to share with them

as they journey forward




what could it be?

how about this?


You will actually show up

to their outdoor



in texas

and you will smile

through your sweat

and you won’t complain

not even once.

now THAT is a gift from the heart

THAT is a thing to cherish

the love, tears, and sweat

of a summer wedding

in texas.