Vaccinating Texas: Early Frustrations

Texas Standard sent out a call for your COVID-19 vaccine stories — and some of you responded.

By Laura RiceFebruary 8, 2021 10:16 am,

Texas Standard is collecting stories from across the state about individual journeys to getting COVID-19 vaccinations. We want to hear the positive as well as the negative. If you’re currently eligible or are trying to secure a vaccine for a loved one, share your story here.

Courtesy Doug RameyDoug Ramey, 60, Fort Worth – Vaccinated

As a front line health care provider, Ramey should be at the front of the line for vaccinations in Texas. He says, he was.

“Through a link, I was able to find the local H-E-B Pharmacy not very far from our house. And I called them on Christmas Eve and made an appointment for the 26th.”

For his second vaccine, he got a text to schedule and then a follow-up call for an appointment that same week.

So that process went very well and smoothly and I’m pleased with how it works, and I would hope that something similar would be set up for the general population.”

Courtesy Edwina BaethgeEdwina Baethge, 77, San Marcos – Still Waiting

I have high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis. I’m also on a waiting list at my primary care doctor’s office and I’ve registered at San Marcos Health Department. I check drugstore sites daily on the Internet. I also check CVS, Walgreens, H-E-B, my hospital here in town. I’m frustrated and I’m worried I won’t get vaccinated as soon as possible.”


Jamie Baird, 40, El Paso – Still WaitingCourtesy Jamie Baird

I have allergic asthma, and I take more than one controller medication, which includes an injectable twice a month. I want the vaccine as I fear that if I were to contract COVID-19 that it would be fatal. I registered with my county and primary care physician, but the process is just too slow… My personal skepticism really tells me that for myself and the others in my community, we will not get a first dose until July, given the lack of available vaccines. But I really hope I’m wrong.”

Tom Phillips, 67, Austin – Still Waiting

I went to the login page and signed up and tried to register and it tells me that there’s no vaccines available at this time and won’t let me even sign up. And I’ve done this for several days. And every day, of course, it says there’s nothing available and it won’t even let me get on the list.”

Phillips has heard from his brother in Denton that signup there is easy. So he’s especially frustrated at what he sees as an unnecessarily complicated system in Austin.

If you’re currently eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Texas — how has your experience been? You can record your story directly for the radio here.

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